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Quieres unir dos Tours en un solo día completo? O hacer un Tour a una ciudad que no esté incluida en nuestros tours habituales?
Nos aseguramos de que usted tiene su propia idea de cómo gustaría de visitar Oporto, Lisboa y las regiones que rodean estas ciudades, y por eso sería un desafío para nosotros elaborar un Tour a su medida y superar todas sus expectativas! También podemos hacer precios especiales para grupos.

Envíenos sus preguntas a: info@theotherside.pt

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes
  • Wonderful
    The Other Side company is excellent. The tour we did through the Douro and wineries was wonderful. The guide who took us was Thiago, very very good. I recommend the tour of the company and the guide.

    • Claúdia S.
    • Tripadvisor
  • Visit to Guimarães, Braga, Almarante and Rio D'Ouro
    The moments provided by Diana from The Other Side team were excellent. Their knowledge of the region and their friendliness have conquered us and without a doubt we will repeat the experience when coming to Porto, as we will also indicate them to our friends.

    • Cesar L.
    • Tripadvisor
  • Douro Valley unforgettable
    We met the Douro Valley with the kind and caring Cátia. We made the trip to Pinhão, with a visit to two excellent wineries. It is highly recommended to include the one hour river boat ride, which is optional. The view is breathtaking.

    • Liana P
    • Tripadvisor

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