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The booking can be done by e-mail info@theotherside.pt, by phone +351 220 980 247 or +351 916 500 170 or you can also fulfil our pre-booking online form.

We kindly request you to make the booking until 6:00pm of the previous day before the tour. For bookings in the same day only by phone.

On the tour day we request you to be at the Meeting Point or Pick-up Point at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

By fulfilling the pre-booking form, automatically this will be sent to our reservations department. Once the availability for the Tour is confirmed, an email will be sent to you with the booking confirmation as the Payment Options. The total value of the Tour will be refund, if the booking cancellation is done until 48 hours before the scheduled day. For other tours or services, please contact us.

Special prices can be done for groups. Please send us your questions or requests to info@theotherside.pt
Children from 0 to 2 years: Free; Children from 3 to 11 years: 50% discount; Children from 12 years: Adult Price. For the little ones we have a car seats on our Vans.

“The Other Side Tourism Company” is a registered trademark, Company registered at the RNAAT – National Registration of Tourist Activities and Agents of “Turismo de Portugal IP”, with the licence number 85/2013 for Tourism Activities, issued on 3th May 2013 by the General Direction of Tourism.
By purchasing one of our Tours, automatically and legally you will be covered by all the insurances required by law: Liability Insurance and Personal Accidents Insurance.

“The Other Side Tourism Company” has private partnerships but it is also linked to public entities as the City Hall of Barcelos, by the Tourism Office, the City Hall of S. João da Madeira, by the Industrial Tourism Organization, and also the Tourism Association of Porto and the Tourism Association of Lisbon.

Information to the Costumer (LAW Nº 144/2015, 8 of September)

Our company is available to solve any issues regarding the services provided. We also inform you, as costumer, in case of litigation related to the contractual obligations concerning the sale of goods and provision of services, it may be reported at the appropriate Entity (“Entidade de Resolução Alternativa de Conflitos”):
Entidade de RAL – CICAP (Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto – Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo).
Address: Rua Damião de Góis, nº 31 – Loja 6 
4050-225, Porto
Phone: +351 225029791
For more information: www.consumidor.pt

Our Tourism Points

The Tourism Points are responsible for the information provided regarding the features for the contracted services, and must follow the rules established by the Direction department, being a mere intermediary between the costumer and the service providers.

The costumer must observe and follow the schedules set by the companies who provide the services, respect all the safety and behaviour instructions, as the internal procedures present in the agencies of the service providers.

If case of failure regarding a contracted service, it may be exchanged for a service or facilities/goods available with equal or greater monetary value, however without obligations to refund or reimbursement the total or a partial amount.

Supposing that the costumer starts a contracted service and suddenly wishes to quit, there will be no refund or exchange of the amounts paid.  

For technical/operational causes, situations due to unforeseen circumstances that prevent the full or partial achievement of the contracted service, the Operator or service provider may advertise crucial adjustments as: changing itineraries, dates, times, services, among others and not being forced to refund the amounts paid.

Our Tourism Points reserve the right to change at any moment the information and the commercial offer presents regarding: products, prices, promotions, commercial and services conditions.
When there is an adversity causing the service failure, and it cannot be providing by the Operator or service provider, this failure will be first of all checked by our company with the Operator or service provider, and if the services are operating properly, any amount will be refund, as no exchange will be done. Any dissatisfaction with a service provided by the operator or service provider must be reported directly to the service provider.

In situations of Returns and Refunds, the total or partial reimbursement is made, according to the above procedure, after presenting the invoice and document (unused voucher or ticket), taking in consideration the respective technical check with the service provider or operator and also the Agency Management.

Safety Policy and Accident Responsibility: Any accident or injury endured during a particular service operated by a partner or operator whose services or facilities/goods are resold in our Tourism Points, but provided by a third party, consequently the total responsibility is assumed by the company who provides the service or facilities/goods and never by the company who sells the service or facilities/goods, being just an intermediary between the provider and the costumer. 

Voucher 2021 campaign launched on 24/04/20

This campaign is promoted by The Other Side Tourism Company - Álvaro Costa & Rosa Lda, in which all purchases made at www.theotherside.pt, can be used until December 2021. We will do our maximum to sent you the voucher and proof of payment within 24 hours. It is the client's responsibility to contact The Other Side Tourism Compant team through the address info@theotherside.pt if you have not received the confirmation email of the payment made.
1. Reservations
1.1 - All Reservations for "Tours" and "Local Experiences" listed on the website wwww.theotherside.pt must be made through e-mail, which must be confirmed by the same channel.
1.2 - Any reservation will only be considered effective when paid in full by bank transfer, Paypal, Multibanco or Mbway or at our Stores (see our addresses at www.theotherside.pt).
1.3 - The Other Side reserves the right to cancel any reservation that does not respect the conditions set out in the previous point.
1.4 - After payment, we will send the voucher that can be used until December 2021 by email. The final ticket for the experience will be sent up to 48 hours before the booked event, upon presentation of the purchased voucher. This ticket must be printed (mandatory) and delivered to the entrance / beginning of the tour / experience. The printed ticket will not only help the proper way to start the activity, but will fulfil the mandatory requirements imposed by Law.
2 - Cancellations:
THE OTHER SIDE reserves the right to cancel:
2.1 - The realization of cruises in case the minimum number of participants is not verified, in which the customers will be refunded for the total amounts with which they confirmed the reservation, without THE OTHER SIDE being obliged to any compensation.
2.2 - For facts attributable to it, such as: bad weather conditions, closed traffic flows, closed establishments, of unfavorable seaworthiness, damage to the navigation locks, damage / damage to vessels, unforeseen delays, strikes, among others.
2.3 We refund the full amount of the activity, at any time, if the customer intends to cancel the purchased voucher. However, we appeal to the customer's availability to use the voucher at another time. The amount returned does not include commissions charged by payment platforms (ATM, Paypal, Payshop or Mbway)
2.4 No refunds of tickets already issued within 48 hours prior to the event are made.
3 - Scope of Responsibility:
All services provided by partner operators, from the beginning to the end of the activity, will be the full responsibility of the companies providing them, as well as travel insurance, civil liability, personal accidents and other mandatory legal licenses to provide services of this nature.
4 - Changes
Partner operators reserve the right to: change itineraries, service schedules, replace means of transport, unfavorable weather and traffic conditions, non-performance of services contracted to third parties, strikes, damage to navigation dams, breakdowns, damage and delays .
5 - Smoking policy
Smoking is strictly prohibited in the interior areas of enclosed spaces and boats. Failure to comply with these rules results in an infraction under Law No. 37/2007, of 14 August.
6 - Complaints
Only complaints that have been submitted by the complainant in writing will be considered within 5 days after the end of the service.
7 - Accident Safety And Liability
Any accident, injury, of any kind or origin, caused by the use of a particular service or product that is provided by a partner or operator third to THE OTHER SIDE, and as operated and organized by a third party, they will be the sole responsibility of the service provider and must be reported to the same.
8 - Validity
The campaign starts on 24/04/2020 and is valid until 31/12/2021.

what our customers say

  • Wonderful
    The Other Side company is excellent. The tour we did through the Douro and wineries was wonderful. The guide who took us was Thiago, very very good. I recommend the tour of the company and the guide.

    • Claúdia S.
    • Tripadvisor
  • Visit to Guimarães, Braga, Almarante and Rio D'Ouro
    The moments provided by Diana from The Other Side team were excellent. Their knowledge of the region and their friendliness have conquered us and without a doubt we will repeat the experience when coming to Porto, as we will also indicate them to our friends.

    • Cesar L.
    • Tripadvisor
  • Douro Valley unforgettable
    We met the Douro Valley with the kind and caring Cátia. We made the trip to Pinhão, with a visit to two excellent wineries. It is highly recommended to include the one hour river boat ride, which is optional. The view is breathtaking.

    • Liana P
    • Tripadvisor

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